Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Annika Turns One!

The Birthday Girl
The big day.. finally...

It's Annika's 1st Birthday Party!

We chose Jollibee Kalaw as the party venue and Barbie as its theme. Our families, relatives, and friends were present to celebrate with us.  Since it's our baby's first birthday, we made sure that it will be a memorable and fun-filled celebration.  There were games for kids and also adults.  It was really fun!  Over-all the experience was great (including the food, the crew, and ofcourse every kid most-loved Jollibee mascot)!  It seems everybody went home happy and full. 

Oh, I forgot to mention.. in case you are curious of the meal package that we have chosen.  For the kids, the package includes spaghetti,  hamburger,  french fries,  softdrinks, and  sundae.  For the adults, 2 pcs. chickenjoy with rice, 1 spaghetti, 1 sundae, and 1 softdrinks... Annika's cake was from Red Ribbon, which is already included in the party favors, courtesy of Jollibee.  She also received a learning machine (looks like a laptop) as a gift from Jollibee.

the invite

dancing crew

blessing/prayer from Fr. Orly

stop dance
wishes for Annika
The Bee



  1. naku, naalala ko tuloy may utang pa pala kami kay annika..hihi

  2. Hi, just dropped by to commend your blog. Such a nice blog :) By the way, would you be kind enough to share your email address just incase I have something in mind to share? Thanks!

  3. hi mommy! congrats sa party :) btw ilang pax po kasya sa function room nila for bdays? thanks

    1. hi.. good for 100 pax ata.. malaki yung venue.. search mo na lang jollibee kalaw... you can inquire by phone.. ;)

  4. Annika’s first birthday bash looks so much interesting. My niece’s birthday was also in the last week. Her parents arranged the bash in extremely unique style which was just so fun. They booked the most popular event space NYC for this bash and trust me that spot looked stunning.

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