Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Sweet Annika

Life is sweeter with my baby girl around.  She is a cheerful and friendly baby.  She does many antics that made me and my husband laugh.  She really loves music and from my observation she will be a good dancer.  She has several different moves whenever she dances.  I love to hear her laugh, see her smile, and made funny noises. She is our angel and a joy in the family. I also notice that she has her own charm as little as she is. Whenever we go out, people will notice her.. maybe because of the sweet smile on her face. She is also a smart girl.  It's funny how she reacts each time her father will try to scold her if she did something wrong just like throwing her toys.  Before her daddy can even speak, she will already rush to his father's side to give him kisses. She also does the same to me. It's amazing that even if she still cannot talk fully yet, she has her own way of making us feel how she loves us. She is truly a darling! I love you my sweet Annika!

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  1. welcome back! nakakatuwa talaga ang paglalambing (at kakulitan na rin) ng mga munting anghel. c')