Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 Months

Hooray for Today!  My baby is now 10 months old...  I greeted her early this morning (before going to work) and sang her the most famous "Happy Birthday to You" song.  She giggled as I do my "sing and make-a-face" act.  How time flies.  I still remember how delicate and little she was, during her newborn days. 

To celebrate the occasion, I attended a mass novena at the St. Jude Thaddeus Church. Ofcourse, I prayed for my baby's good health, our family's safety, and for more blessings to come our way. 

Today is also a rainy day (though March is a summer month), so i am hoping that blessings will also be pouring on my baby's life. 

Cheers for my baby's good health and happiness...! xoxoxo ^v^

Here are some helpful information/tips on what to expect on your 10 months old baby:
  • Your baby can now understand simple words like "no" and "bye-bye". Having a conversation to your little one will encourage his language skills.  You can also sing nursery rhymes and play games.  Repeating words to your baby also helps.  Just continue talking to him.  Soon, he will see or make connections. 
  • At this age, your baby can sit confidently.  He may even cruise or walk while holding into furniture.  He  may let go momentarily and may stand without support. He may also  take steps when held in a walking position and attempt to scoop up a toy while standing. 
  • He can now also drink from his own cup.  He may also start picking up objects using his index finger or thumb.  He is also now aware of your approval or disapproval.
These are just things that your baby may be able to do at this age.  If not now, don't worry. Remember that each baby is unique/different, and meets physical milestones at his own time/pace. 

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