Monday, March 05, 2012

Raising a Baby

Being a mother is certainly a wonderful and learning experience in a woman's life.   Raising a baby is not an easy thing.  It requires a lot of patience, care, love, and devotion (from  pregnancy and giving birth). In my case, when I first learned that I was pregnant, I had mixed emotions. I am very happy because it is my dream coming true.  I also considered it as a special blessing.  But, I am honest to say that I got scared along the way.  My mind is going nuts... because  of the thought of giving birth (the labor pains, injections, needles, lab tests, etc.)  plus the fact that I nor my husband does not know anything about babies.   In order to take away all my worries, I just prayed and think positive thoughts.  When I look back now, I know I will still go through it all, just to have my baby.  The pains are all worth it.  Now, my husband and I are raising a 9-month old baby girl.  I can say that we are learning each day.  Sure, there are tiring and crazy moments but we still manage to get through.  We have to be strong for our little sweet pea.  We want to give her a happy life and a bright future as well, with God's divine intervention. 

So for those soon-to-be mommies who are having doubts or worries, remember that your unconditional love for your little one will help you get through.  Carry on! ;)


  1. Congrats on your new blog! A mommy blog has always been my dream blog. You're lucky because you already have your requirement for this category. More power!

  2. thanks marecoy! your turn will come too... thanks also for your support and help... mwah! God bless!