Monday, March 05, 2012

EQ Birthday Party Raffle Promo

When I was still single, my shembot friend kumare "Hya", who is also my officemate and a mother of two (2) adorable kids, advised me that in the future if I already have my own baby, I should try EQ diapers.  She believes in the quality of the product.  Plus, the price is very reasonable. She also informed me that EQ has various promos and freebies that consumers can avail.

Following Hya's advice, I tried EQ Diapers for my newborn baby.  From then on, she has been using it until at present time.  My baby is now nine (9)-months old.  So far, we have not experienced any problem.  No rashes or any discomfort at all.

Just like what Hya told me, I have been keeping or saving EQ packs while waiting for its promo.

And now, finally! Last January, I learned of its new promo, which I readily joined, the EQ Birthday Party Raffle Promo.  This one is so perfect for me, because my baby will be turning one (1) this May.  That's why, I am hoping I would win. (*wink)

Well, let me share you some of its mechanics which may be useful to interested readers and consumers.

To participate in the nationwide raffle promo, you need to submit the required number of  EQ packs  (such as EQ Plus with Soft Cottony Cover, EQ Colors, and EQ Dry with Magic Tapes) in an envelope, together with the following information: name, address, contact numbers, e-mail addresses if any, and signature, as well as your baby's name and birthday on a piece of paper.

You can submit your entries through a major Mc Donald's Stores, mailing or hand-carrying to JS Unitrade (JSU) Office. 

Each winner will receive one (1) Mc Donald's Birthday Party Certificate worth P7,500.00Promo Period will be from January 16 to April 16, 2012. 

Draw Schedules:
                                               Deadline of Submission       Draw Date                       No. of Winners
  • 1st Monthly Draw :     February 17, 2012          March 2, 2012                               75
  • 2nd Monthly Draw:     March 16, 2012              March 10, 2012 (9AM)                75
  • Grand Draw:                April 16, 2012                    April 27, 2012 (9AM)                  150
Promo participants can only win once within the entire promo duration .  Non-winning entries in the 1st draw will be carried over in the 2nd Monthly Draw while the non-winning entries in the 1st and 2nd Monthly Draws will still be included in the Grand Draw.  (This is nice...  participants will have more chances of winning.)

All entries received after the deadline will be included in the succeeding draws.  Mailed entries for Grand Draw will be accepted until 5 pm of April 26, 2012.  

Winners in the 1st and 2nd Monthly Draws will be announced in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.  Within a week after each draw, all winners will be informed through a notification of registered mail.  

Hope this information will be useful.

Go... and start looking for your EQ packs!  Who knows, you just might have a chance to celebrate your kid's birthday party this year at Mc Donald's, for free.

For more details, just click here.

Good luck! ^v^

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  1. how i know the winner last grand draw,,wish ko kasali ako