Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crazy Science

Yes, it's almost time to go home...  After a hard day's work, I felt treating myself.. What to buy.... Well, I think I will settle for a Happy Meal.  New featured toys are already available at Mc Donald's stores.   The theme is about "Crazy Science". The toys include a slide viewer, opti-illusion, ufo launcher, echo sound chamber, windforce generator, and gyro spinner... Pretty cool huh! Actually, I have already seen them but was not able to buy yet.  The toys are bigger than the previous ones I have collected. I started this happy meal craze, since last year.   I am collecting the toys for my baby. It would be such a delight to see her playing them once she has grown a little older. She is now very active. She loves to play, sing, and dance.  Her favorite moves include clapping, nodding, and bending her tummy.  I also let her play some of the toys from my collection. 

So after a few minutes from now, off I will go... will be meeting my husband and baby later...  Time for a happy meal with my family! ^v^

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